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Hannelore Brenner

Room 28 Education is part of Room 28 Projects - an international project dealing with a special chapter of the Holocaust. It is a cultural and educational project focussing on the importance of art, culture and creativity.

The project roots in the story of "The Girls of Room 28, L 410, Theresienstadt".

Since 2004 a book, a theatre-play and an exhibition tell the story of these children of the Ghetto Theresienstadt. The entirety of the material published and projects realized with survivors of Room 28 is termed  Room 28 Projects.  Click the button and you are on the website of:

Room 28 Education

The book and the exhibition about "The Girls of Room 28" and the authentic Theresienstadt Diary of Helga Pollak-Kinsky (image) are the basic elements of our educational Project. It is an international project and supported by virtue of  its statute by the non-profit-organization Room 28 e.V.

The educational project is a means and a way to fulfill our mission and to achieve our  essential goal: to maintain the  legacy of "The Girls of Room 28", to impart it to younger generations and to keep it alive in our collective memory.

Edition Room 28

The publishing branch of  Room 28 Projects is Edition Room 28. Two books were published since 2014: Helga Pollak-Kinsky's authentic Theresienstadt Diary and the autobiography of Evelina Merová. Visit Edition Room 28.

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Room 28 Projects - Brasil

As Meninas do Quarto 28 opened in 2014 in Săo Paulo, moved to Brasilia, Porto Alegre and was seen till July 17, 2016 in  Rio de Janeiro.


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Room 28 e.V.

In 2007 friends of the  survivors of Room 28 and Room 28 Projects founded in Berlin, Germany, the non-profit-organization Room 28 e.V. 

Their members morally support the projects with "The Girls of Room 28" and the realization of projects in the spirit of Room 28. The proejcts are realized by Room 28 Projects.

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Photo of the exhibition in Brazil.

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