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Das Room 28 Bildungsprojekt wird vom Verein Room 28 e.V. unterstützt.

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Room 28 e.V. and Room 28 Projects

The non-profit-organization Room 28 e.V. supports the aims and mission of Room 28 Projects. Our Educational Project is a means to achieve our common aims.


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It is our aim to turn the touring exhibition The Girls of Room 28  into a  permanant exhibition, to make it a crystallization point for the spiritual and artistic legacy of Theresienstadt and create a place of learning about the Holocaust, human values, human rights and history and an intercultural and intergenerational meeting place in the spirit of"'Room 28".


It is our mission to bring the results, findings and collections of the project with and about 'The Girls of Room 28, Theresienstadt' together, to unfold its educational potential and to share it with present and future generations.

Ausstellung in Brasilien, 2014


The vision behind: to keep alive the legacy of 'The Girls of Room 28' which includes the spiritual and artistic legacy of Theresienstadt inmates, by remembering their ideas, values and works, their fate and their hope for a better world.

uusstellung im Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, 2010

A germ cell of humanity

Room 28  - a symbol and a program

In the midst of misery, in the Girls’ Home, Room 28 of the Theresienstadt Ghetto, these girls founded an organisation and called it ‘Ma’agal’, which is Hebrew for circle and, in a metaphorical sense, perfection....

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