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Helga's Diary

An authentic diary from Theresienstadt, Room 28

Helga Pollak-Kinsky

Mein Theresienstädter Tagebuch 1943-1944

und die Aufzeichnungen meines Vaters Otto Pollak

My Theresienstadt Diary 1943.1944 and the calendar notes from my father


With historical facts and interviews, compiled and edited by Hannelore Brenner.

Epilogue by Peter Gstettner, Klagenfurt

Hardcover, 288 pages, 16 pages in colour and numerous photos and images. ISBN 978-3-00-043804-2

The diary of Helga Pollak written in Room 28, Girls Home L 410,  is the heart and red thread of the book The Girls of Room 28. Without her diary, the story of these girls would not have been  become known.

The first edition was published in 2004 in Germany by Droemer Publishing House, Munic.

Ten years later, the complete diary of Helga Pollak along with the calendar notes of her father Otto Pollak.was published in German by Edition Room 28.

Important information

It is very important in this context to draw attention to the existence of a book by Helga Weiss, which was published in 2013 by Penguin Books with the title Helga’s Diary and has meanwhile been translated into numerous languages. Since then Helga Pollak’s diary has, again and again, been confused with Helga Weiss’s diary.

This already happened a year before in Madeleine Albright’s autobiography, Prague Winter, published in 2012. In a chapter of this basically excellent book she describes, for special reasons, everyday life in Girls’ Home L 410 by making reference to the book The Girls of Room 28 and quoting from it. Unfortunately, she attributes two quotes to Helga Weiss instead to Helga Pollak-Kinsky, who is not mentioned at all. Thus, Albright’s description gives the impression that the book The Girls of Room 28 is based on Helga Weiss's diary.

The errors remained uncorrected and have been reproduced in the German edition of Prague Winter (Winter in Prag) , and all other editions and led to many unpleasant confusions to the disadvantage of Helga Pollak-Kinsky and her precious diary.

Important information on Helga's Diary
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A very personal story

The book conveys the story of Helga's  childhood in Vienna (1930-1938),  Kyjov, a topwn in the Czech Republic (1938-1943) and in the Ghetto Theresienstadt. (1943-1944)- It conveys her experiences in Auschwitz and in the working camp Oederan in Saxony (1944-1945) and what happened thereafter, when she returned to Theresienstadt in April 1945.

Edition Room 28

A special website informs about the diary of Helga Pollak and further publications of Edition Room 28.

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