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Compendium 2016

Update:  12 December 2016

Needed budget: 4,000 €uro

Donations received: 3,050 €uro

Thank you

Friends and Supporters

Without your support the production of the Compendium to the Educational Room 28 Project would not have been   possible. I am very happy for the donations and thank you so very much:

1. Irmtraud Fian,Wien

2. Ingrid und Ernst Svatos, Wien

3. Laura Jimenez- Alonso,Wien

4. Christian Walda, Kiel

5. Helga Pollak-Kinsky, Wien

6. Petra und Lutz Voss, Panketal

7. Ulrike und Eberhard Ohm, Oederan

8. Firma Zapf umzuege, Berlin

9. Rainer Müller, Leutershausen

10. Annemarie Morsch

11. Eva Maria Wuthenow, Berlin

12. Elmar Esser, Köln

13. Lothar Scholz, Dresden

14. Winfried Karitter, Salem

15. Kathrin Reissmann, Oederan

16. Werner Himmelmann, Dortmund

17 Frank Harders Wuthenow. Berlin

18 Christiane Peter, Berlin

19 Lagergemeinschaft Auschwitz/Freundeskreis der Auschwitzer e.V.

20 Gerold Beyer

Message for Donators

the names of the donators will be published in the Compendium. Please let me know if you disagree:


For German tax-payers: For your donation you will receive a tax-deductable receipt. Pleaselet us have your adress.


Also for the gifts we have in store for you.

Special thanks to

This German transportation-and storage company is supporting our project since 2009,  helped us to maintain the exhibtion by sponsoring the storage of the panels and the model of Room 28 in one of their containers! Great company!




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President Alexander Van der Bellen was our honory guest of the Matinée in Vienna, 29 January 2017.  More on:

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