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The Exhibition

23 September 2004, Schwerin

The exhibition has been created in 2004 to fulfil the wish of survivors of Room 28 to tell the story of their friends and their childhood experiences during the Nazi regime to the young generations all over the world. It was first shown in Schwerin, Germany within the program of the international competition "Verfemte Music" organized by Volker Ahmels, head of the Jeunesses Musicales Landesverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.



Concept, author, curator, copyright, 2014

Management: Hannelore Brenner-Wonschick


Renate Schlicht, Frankfurt a.M.

Walter Hagenow, Frankfurt a.M.

Co-organisator Benedikt Burkhardt, Frankfurt

Benedikt, a professional designer and curator of exhibitions, helped insignificant ways to set up this exhibition in 2004.

Original documents

Page of the diary of Helga Pollak

The exhibition illustrates the story of the Girls of Room 28 using original documents - a diary, a scrapbook, notebooks, poems, letters, essays, photos, drawings - echoes of young lives, traces of lives lost as well as from those who survived. It has been created by the author Hannelore Brenner to complement the book 'The Girls of Room 28' and let the documents speak for themselves.


Ruth Schächter (1930-1944)

The focus of the exhibition is the everyday life of these girls in Theresienstadt between 1942 and 1944, a life that contained the seeds of the impending tragedy. At the same time it reveals the story of a remarkable little community and the power of art, music, friendship and education.


Poster of Brundibár performance in Terezin 1943/1944

The story is closely linked to the Theresienstadt performances of the children opera 'Brundibár' by Hans Krása and Adolf Hoffmeister. Some of the girls were part of the cast, Ela Weissberger, née Stein played the cat and Maria Mühlstein sometimes Aninka. And some of them sang in the choir of the school-children. And all of them were among the visitors and knew the songs by heart. The survivors remember the opera as a light in the darkness.


Friedl Dicker-Brandeis (1898-1944)

The book and the exhibition is also meant as an hommage to people who became important for the children, like the legendary Bauhaus-artist Friedl Dicker-Brandeis. In her classes Friedl passed on her treasure- trove of experience to the children. "There was something unique about her teaching", recalls Helga Pollak-Kinsky. "During Art lessons I was oblivious to everything else. In her presence everything seemed to fall into place - more or less all on its own".

Touring exhibition

Panels in the European Commission, Brussels, 1-2013

The exhibition has seen until the end of 2014 more than 60 stations in Germany and many more abroad. There is a Czech, a French and an English version - and a very new and independantly managed Brazilian version. In 2008 exhibition (English version) provided the backdrop for the Holocaust Commemoration Ceremony in the German Parliament, Berlin, in 2013 in the European Commission in Brussels and in January 2014 in the United Nations in Geneva.

Exhibition in development

Drawing by Erika Stránská (1930-1944)

They exhibition is a dynamic one. As we produced the exhibtion with a minimum of budget, we had to limit on the main aspects of the story, although we would have loved from the very beginning to include more aspects and elements. The main challenge until today is the maintenance of the existing exhibition, the more so a reconstruction of Room 28 is part of the exhibition.


Only in exceptional cases could we add new elements like, due to a miraculous twist of fate  - the two panels that were created in 2014 for display in the European Commission: 'Late Echo from Brazil: Eriká Stránska.

Exhibition in Brazil

Due to this miraculous twist of fate a new exhibition came to life in Brazil in 2014 and with it Room 28 Projects - Brasil.

Exhibition in the Mube Museum, Sao Paulo, May/June 2014

President Alexander Van der Bellen was our honory guest of the Matinée in Vienna, 29 January 2017.  More on:


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