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The Girls of Room 28

Over the years, by virtue of the imminent educational value, an educational project devloped. It is based on the book and the exhibition and on the authentic Theresienstadt diary of Helga Pollak. Teaching  material and working sheets were created in the course of a German-Czech project. The result of it is the brochure: Theresienstadt. The Girls of Room 28. Compendium 2017. Room 28 Educational Project


German edition:  Kompendium 2016

English edition:  Compendium 2017

1. Book

Aufbau edition 2008

Hannelore Brenner-Wonschick

The Girls of Room 28 

Friendship, Hope and Survival in Theresienstadt


first published in 2004 in Germany by Doemer Publishing House Munic and 2008 by Aufbau Publising House, Berlin.


An English, Czech, Polish and a Brazilian edition followed.

2. Exhibition

The Girls of Room 28, L 410, Theresienstadt

by Hannelore Brenner


The original German version is on tour since 2004; a Czech, French and an English version followed. The English version was shown in the European Commission in Brussels (2013) and in the United Nations, Geneva (2014). In 2014 a new exhibition came to life in Brazil:  As Meninas do Quarto 28

 3. Diary of Helga Pollak

Helga Pollak-Kinsky

Mein Theresienstädter Tagebu 1943-1944

My Terezin Diary


Published 2014 by

Edition Room 28, Berlin, Germany.


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 Edition Room 28

4. Compendium 2017

Hannelore Brenner



Die Mädchen von Zimmer 28

Compendium 2017. Room 28 Educational Project


Edition Room 28, Berlin 2016



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