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Room 28 Education

Compendium 2017

Hannelore Brenner


The Girls of Room 28

Compendium 2017

Room 28 Educational Project


128 pages, color

ISBN: 978-3-9819140-0-9



The Compendium 2017 is an introduction to the Room 28 Projects and to the Room 28 Educational Project. It was created to acquaint schools, teachers, students, universities, citizens and organizations active in the field of culture and Holocaust remembrance as well as interested members of the general public with the book and the exhibition The Girls of Room 28 and with the projects which evolved from it.


It presents associated media and material and provides information about the beginning and the motives, the hopes and the aims of a Jewish-German project that began in 1996 and has over the years unfolded an amazing vibrancy and impact.


The focal point of the overall project is the exhibition The Girls of Room 28, L 410, Theresienstadt. Since 2004, it has blossomed from its initial small, local scope into an international exhibition shown in Germany, the Czech Republic, England, Brussels (European Commission), Geneva (United Nations) and – in a new refined design and with a high level of media and public interest – in Brazil.


The Compendium contains reflections about the educational value of Room 28 Projects by renowned educationalists: Peter Gstettner, Detlef Pech and Bertram Noback. It also contains excerpts of teaching material and information on the current state of the project, our program, aims and offers.

Survey of the Contents of the Compendium 2017
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Chapters from the Compendium

Chapters from  the Compendium 2017 can be found on the Website of Room 28 Projects in the frame of our current international offer:

Room 28 - a germ cell of humanity

The photogrpaher and journlist Evelin Frerk has published an interview with Hannelore Brenner in the hpd (humanistic press service). It has been translated by Nicole Gentz into English and can be downloaded here.

The original German version can be read on the website of the hpd:

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