Room 28 Education
Room 28 Education  

Room 28 Education

Compendium 2017

Hannelore Brenner


The Girls of Room 28

Compendium 2017

Room 28 Educational Project


128 pages, color

ISBN: 978-3-9819140-0-9



Room 28 - a germ cell of humanity

For English readers:

The interview done by Evelin Frerk for the hpd (humanistic press service) has been translated by Nicole Gentz into English and can be downloaded here. You can see the original interview if you click the following link:

Edition Room 28

Visit the website of Edition Room 28, there is an English page on the Compendium 2017:

März 2018

Bertram Noback: Die Mädchen von Zimmer 28. Ein Erinnerungsprojekt im 21. Jahrhundert
Kompendium 2016 Bertram Noback.pdf
PDF-Dokument [674.2 KB]

Alles Wesentliche  zum Bildungsprojekt geht aus dem Kompendium 2016 hervor. Bestellen Sie es:

Steinchen der Erinnerung
Kompendium 2016 Steinchen.pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.3 MB]

Dear English speaking visitors,

all about the Room 28 Educational Project is presented in the English edition, the Compendium 2017. Visit Edition R0om 28. You can order it here:

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