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The Legacy of the Girls of Room 28

Update 27 October 2017


More than being a mere chapter of the Holocaust, the story of "The Girls of Room 28, L 410, Theresienstadt" embraces culture, art, friendship and civic values. The educational potential is outstanding. Therefore, the project can be used as an educational tool across Europe and around the word.

Crystallization Point

The English panels of the exhibition “The Legacy of the Girls of Room 28” will be the center, anchor and Crystallization Point of the project and the basic tool to connect with European partners. The English version of the exhibition has been  shown on occasion of the Holocaust Remembrance Day in January 2013 in Brussels and on reccomendation of the European Commission in January 2014 in the United Nations in Geneva.

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A tool for a better world


The exhibition "The Legacy of the Girls of Room 28" will be the Crystallization Point for common activities around the subject – concerts, readings, workshops, theatre-performances.


The panels will move from one European country to the other. Each partner is asked to ensure the translation of the panels in their own language and add the translation in form of sheets or a booklet for visitors to take along into the exhibition.


New chapters will be added to the exhibition by our partners showing their special connection to the story and individual approach to the history behind.


Thus the exhibition will evolve, with every partner, into a tool for linking European partners together. to learn from each other and to develop mutual understanding.


Together we will develop a vision for a better world and help bring about a better presence and  future.


The opening of the exhibition in each country will be organized together (concert, reading etc.) and accompanied by workshops with the partners involved.

The workshops serve as our platform to organize common events, develop new ideas for the next opening and introduce the Room 28 Educational Project and develop it on a European basis.


Theatre-workshops based on the story of the "Girls of Room 28" are offered to our partners by a theatre-director Olek Witt. He has proved to profoundly understand the essence of the project -  the importance of art, creativity and humanity - and his talent to bring it on stage.


We will look for a sponsor to create a special prize awarded to  young people who have done something in the spirit of Room 28. 


Although not a Europeann country, our partners in Brazil and their exhubtion "As Meninas do Quarto 28" will play a model role in this poject and will be part of the project. Should you do not know yet why, visit the Homepage of: Room 28 Projects.

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