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Further Elements

Here is a selection of further elements that belong to the educational project.


There is much more! And there is an enormous amount of  film- and audio material which needs to be  opened up, edited and published to use it for the benefit of the educational project.

1. Films

The Girls of Room 28

Two trailer film were made between 2000 and 2006 by professional partners in England. Copies of  films are in the archives of Room 28 Projects and need to be opened up  for use in the exhibition and in the educational project. 


And there is more: An amazing amount of film material, professionally filmed by a these partners, a renowned British director and an English editor of CBS 60 minutes. The interviews are done in English, also the two trailers.


You want to help us unearth this treasure?

This film-material offers the perfect starting point for a documentary about "The Girls of Room 28".


Memory Drops

Short Film by Eliana Schejter and Addie Reiss.

Hanka Weingarten, Handa Drori, Judith Rosenzweig, Vera Kreiner and Eva Zohar (living in Israel) remember moments and details from  Room 28. An outstanding film of art. It premiered in the Czech Embassy in 2009 and was shown for the Shoa Remembrance Day in the Jewish Community in Berlin in May 2010.

Commissioned by Room 28, 2009

Language: Hebrew. There are German, English and Portuguese subtited versions.

Ich wandre durch Theresienstadt. Auf den Spuren der Mädchen von Zimmer 28. Filmdokumentation eines deutsch-tschechischen Projektes. (12 Min.). Room 28 Projects/Room 28 e.V./Nebula Film - 2009

Die Mädchen von Zimmer 28. Helga Kinsky, Ela Weissberger und Anna Hanusová erinnern sich an das Zimmer 28, Interviews von Hannelore Brenner., Marienbad, September 2010. (20 Min.) Room 28 Projects/Room 28 e.V./Nebula Film 2009

2. CDs - audio

Brundibár and the children of Theresienstadt. Radio-documentary by Hannelore Brenner. Produced in 1997 by Sender Freies Berlin (SFB) and in 1998 by Austrian Radio (ORF),  published by the label EDA.


The original ORF-radio-documentary will be released in the context of the educational project and a new cover will be created.

Die Mädchen von Zimmer 28. Radio-Documentary by Hannelore Brenner. Produced by Südwestrundfunk 2003. Die Überlebenden von Zimmer 28 erinnern sich an ihre Kindheit im Ghetto Theresienstadt.


This documentary will be part of the Compendium to the educational Project.



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