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A bridge between generations

Teachers and people working in the realm of Arts were among the first to recognise that our project with 'The Girls of Room 28' is of exceptional quality. Here was a chance to embed the survivors in a living process and share their experiences with young people.  Room 28 is a unique opportunity to create a bridge between the generations.

Leipzig Gewandhaus Children Choir and survivors of Room 28. Berlin, Academy of Arts, 22 January 2008

"This is a unique project focussing on the solidarity, compassion and resilience which developed as a reaction to the abnormal situation of living in a ghetto with the constant threat of transportation to the East".

With these words the European Commission invited visitors to the exhibition 'The Girls of Room 28', which was on display in January 2013 in the Berlaymont Building in Brussels. It provided the backdrop for the Holocaust Commemoration Ceremony of the European Commission held on 28 January 2013.

In January 2014 the exhibition was invited to the United Nations in Geneva. For more information click the button.

The exhibition in the European Commission, Brussels, 2013


"In an excellent way the exhibition complements artistic projects dealing with Theresienstadt or dedicated to the works of Jewish artists who were interned there. Both the outstanding and versatile documentation and the very impressive replica of the room itself contribute not only to our better understanding of historical facts: they also make us more emotionally responsive and help us grasp the topic far more profoundly, far beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge.

Moreover: The presentation of drawings and paintings by Theresienstadt children has widened the context of the performances of the children’s opera Brundibár, greatly contributing to the lasting effect of this artistic experience.”


Gabriele Nellessen, Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt Berlin, Head of Production, junior section

“For us, the exhibition was an important way of generating interest in the Shoah, especially among young people. The story of the ‘Girls of Room 28’ has made them realise that culture is not a luxury, but indeed the very basis of our respect for humanity.”

 Christian Walda, director of the Jewish Museum in Rendsburg



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President Alexander Van der Bellen was our honory guest of the Matinée in Vienna, 29 January 2017.  More on:

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